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The Inspection

The periodic inspection carried out by Transtech encompasses a list of items aimed at ensuring safety conditions for the vehicle or piece of equipment. In case of approval, the vehicle receives a Certification of Dangerous Goods Inspection (CIPP).

The main items submitted to inspection are:

  • Chassis;
  • Axle;
  • Required Safety Items;
  • King pin and king pin table;
  • 5th Wheel; Brakes;
  • Hubs, drums, wheels, and tires;
  • Spring leaf;
  • Suspension supports and tensioners;
  • Signaling and Lighting System;
  • Minimum tank thickness;
  • Valves and piping;
  • Main Switch.

The periodic inspection, when correctly performed by experienced companies that strictly follow INMETRO Technical Regulation, complies with fundamental aspects for the driver and the company:

  • Allows for a follow-up of the actual state of the vehicle and its useful life;
  • Ensures satisfactory safety conditions for the vehicle driver, the society and the environment;
  • Reduces the chances of accidents, fines, lawsuits, arrests, breaking environmental legislation, tarnishing the institutional image, in sum, all the costs that fall upon the company, the shipping agent and the owner of the goods.
"Certificate of Dangerous Goods Inspection issued in case of approval of the vehicle after the inspections"
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