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Company facilities in Pinhais - PR - Brasil

Since May 1992, at the start of its activities, Transtech Engenharia e Inspeção Ltda has been specializing in the most diverse and complete services concerning vehicle safety, adopting the strictest procedures for effectively protecting the physical integrity of its customers and of society in general, as well as establishing operational practices that dedicates the maximum concern towards ecology.


In 1993, having built a background experience inspecting vehicles, transport and storage equipment, and mechanical components, Transtech Engenharia obtained its first credentials from the National Institute for Industrial Metrology, Normalization and Quality (INMETRO) qualifying the Company as an Inspection Body (OIC) in vehicle safety. Such activity consolidated the necessary technical basis to receive credentials in 1996 from the Hazardous Cargo department.

The constant and thorough search for quality and competitive services provided to our customers has led us to establish strategic partnerships to apply state-of the-art technologies in troubleshooting the most diverse engineering and inspection problems.


Qualified team to serve you better

As one of the first Technical Institutions for Vehicle Safety Engineering (ITE) to be registered by the National Traffic Department (DENATRAN), Transtech Engenharia, besides the daily routine evaluation and inspection services, has modern analysis techniques available, always focused on customer's basic needs: reliability and productivity.




Front view of the Inspection Line
Furthermore, the constant training and updating of all our professionals, the permanent investment in new technologies, the commitment to environmental preservation, the technical competence and proven trustworthiness bring us the confidence to offer superior quality engineering, inspection and testing services.
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